Our Restaurant considers typical, homemade local food its key point.

Customers can enjoy first courses with black or white truffle, our sought-after “Borlenghi” (a sort of thin, crispy crepe that looks a lot like Sardinian pane carasau), and traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

We also offer a sample of food from different regions:
Smoked Ricotta cheese from Val di Fassa – thanks to our skier friends for making us taste it;
Black Venere rice, aromatic Apollo rice, whole red rice, and Carnaroli rice from our friends Ottavio and Quirino;
Madernasse pear fruits from our Piedmont friends Roberto, Carlo and Sergio;
Tarocco and Navel oranges, that we use to prepare our marmalade, come from Catania and our friend Silvio.

We offer an elegant, yet cozy location: a dining hall and a toasty basement dining room provided with a fireplace in the winter months, and a suggestive verandah with a tiny, lovely wooden terrace during the summer.